Queens neighborhood


Population: 2,229,379
# of Households: 782,664
Average Household Income: $48,608

Queens is located on the west end of Long Island and is geographically the largest borough of New York City with the second largest population, and is the 4th most densely populated county in the US. Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world as almost half the residents of Queens are considered to be foreign born and represent 100 different nationalities and 138 different languages. Three of the busiest airports in the world are located in Queens. Queens has many different neighborhoods that offer various housing options including high-rise apartment buildings, large free-standing single-family homes and even some more suburban type options. Queens is famous for its international cuisine which is demographically segmented from neighborhood to neighborhood reflecting the cultural background of the areas population.


Population: 154,778
# of Households: 17,730
Average Household Income: $53,203

Astoria is a popular neighbourhood in northwest Queens and is home to immigrants from around the world. Conveniently located close to Manhattan, this middle-class borough has a suburban feel with plenty of parks and greenspace. The community has a youthful exuberance and friendly charm with quiet streets and unlimited culinary options.

Long Island City

Population: 42,381
# of Households: 17,267
Average Household Income: $49,407

Long Island City lies just across the East River from Manhattan in western Queens. This vibrant community hosts the highest concentration of art galleries, art institutions and studio space of any New York City neighbourhood. The community is in the midst of gentrification along the waterfront with many warehouses being converted into condos and lofts.


Population: 27,266
# of Households: 10,224
Average Household Income: $77,747

Bayside is located in northeastern Queens, just a 30 minute commute to Manhattan. This upper middle-class community resembles surrounding wealthy Queen’s neighborhoods and features wide tree-lined streets, superior public schools, and easy access to a variety of shops, services and restaurants. Bayside features a large selection of single-family homes yet it ranks very high in population density.


Population: 38,119
# of Households: 14,844
Average Household Income: $98,156

Whitestone is a wealthy residential community located along the East River in the northern section of Queens. There is a distinct scarcity of vacant lots and a high population density, recently 7800 properties were counted in just 311 blocks. The neighbourhood has undergone new highrise construction which contrasts with the original leafy low rise buildings. Whitestone is considered an elite enclave of Queens.


Population: 21,356
# of Households: 7,129
Average Household Income: $79,293

Beechhurst is a seaside neighbourhood with a suburban feel and a number of charming homes located at the western edge of Queens. The area is almost exclusively residential with community swimming pools, 55 acres of parkland, bike paths, a dog run, roller hockey rink and kayak launch, and is a wonderful neighbourhood for families. Single-family homes comprise most of the housing options along with some low-rise apartment buildings.


Population: 38,119
# of Households: 14,844
Average Household Income: $98,156

Malba is a small upscale waterfront community bordered by the East River, and boasts some of the largest and most-expensive private homes in New York City. The tree-lined streets wind through attractively landscaped gardens and architecturally beautiful vintage and newer homes. The area is completely residential and has no commercial complexes or multi-family dwellings. Its close proximity to the city and rural landscape make Malba a highly sought after place to live.


Population: 6,596
# of Households: 2,515
Average Household Income: $111,284

Douglaston is an upper middle-class community surrounded by water located on the North Shore of Long Island. The community is bordered by Little Neck and Bayside and area residents take advantage of its abundance of waterfront for many recreational activities including The Douglaston Yacht Club. The local golf club is located on one of the highest points in Queens and offers spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. Douglaston has a distinctly upscale suburban feel and boasts a number of independently owned shops, services and restaurants as well as the Douglaston Plaza Shopping Centre.